Our WordPress Package Process

Once you sign up for one of our plans, our team goes to work immediately.

We create a staging site where your new WordPress or E-Commerce site is installed. We shore up security holes, add Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools and immediately setup regular backups.

We send you login credentials for access to your Digital Layne Account Manager (DLAM) which is an easy to use dashboard where you can view everything the Digital Layne team and you are working on, all in one beautiful and centralized place. Through the DLAM you can view progress on your website or projects. You can open trouble tickets and communicate directly with our team.

You will be able to choose from any of our recommended templates or pick one from your source of choice*. Once you have chosen your template, we will help you make it your own. We will set up a child theme that will bring out the essence of your brand, company or product.**

Now you can begin the process of adding your content. We guide you through the process of adding: text, images, contact information and anything else you will need to get up and running including adding forms!

If you don’t already have a domain name you want to assign to your new site, we will guide you through the process of obtaining one or you can get one through Digital Layne’s recommend domain name source. We do not believe in keeping your domain name hostage. Since you can cancel your account at any time, you can take your domain name with you. Many companies register your domain name in their name effectively controlling your brand if you decide to move on.

Once you have approved the website design and layout, we go live. That’s it!

We take care of the rest through constant monitoring and updates that keep your investment safe and secure.


Get Started


*If you chose a theme from our recommended templates, they are free with your account. If you find an awesome theme you really like from another source, we will be happy to install and support it, but the initial theme cost will be your responsibility. We do ask that you let us look over the theme for possible issues before you purchase.

**Design work on your theme of choice by Digital Layne is limited to the Initial Design Tweak hours included in your plan. Standard plan does not include any Development hours. We recommend that you choose a theme as close to how you want your site to look as possible to keep custom design costs down.