Why WordPress?

WordPress Makes it Easy for YOU to Update Your Website

WordPress makes updating text, images and just about anything else simple and fast! For the non-technical folks, pages and posts can be added and updated through WordPress just like you are working in a text editor. And, along with our basic training and ongoing support, it will allow you to keep your website fresh and up-to-date. When something does popup that you don’t understand, we are here to assist! With Digital Layne and WordPress, you can keep your website current without paying top dollar for content managers and unreliable developers.

WordPress Provides a Greater Return on Investment

WordPress can be customized with plugins and other modifications that can do just about anything. No matter what your requirements are, there is an excellent chance that Digital Layne can find, tweak or develop a plugin that can get the job done. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time and that translates into a big savings in time and money for you. This will also allow you to accomplish things you may never have been able to accomplish on a more limited budget.

WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website by improving both on-page and off-page content that produces a website that ranks high in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Although WordPress ranks well right out of the box, combine it with a well setup SEO plugin and our expertise and we can get results that will increase traffic and ultimately conversions!

WordPress is Mobile Friendly

With today’s multitude of devices available and more people using them to access the web it is imperative that your site adapts and responds well on all platforms. iPhones, Android devices and tablets are outselling desktops and are growing in popularity daily. Our mobile friendly WordPress designs eliminate the need for multiple solutions for multiple platforms thus saving time and money.

WordPress is Scalable

Many of our clients come back to us down the road in need for expanded functionality because their business is evolving. Because your website is built on WordPress, we are sure that we can leverage existing technology to cost effectively reach your goals. We deliver affordable and quick solutions to meet and exceed your new requirements.

WordPress is a Trusted Platform

WordPress has been in use for over 14 years and that is a long time in internet years. It has become a stable and reliable platform that we at Digital Layne trusts to keep our site up and running. WordPress powers over 60 million websites and that includes may of the top websites out there. You can see a list of top users here.

WordPress is Secure and Well Supported

Although WordPress is well built and secure, there will always be bad guys that will stop at nothing to try to crack the code. This is where Digital Layne really shines! Few things are more important to us than the security of our clients’ websites. A well-maintained WordPress site is like a fortress and that includes regular updates and fine-tuned security features. In the rare case of an attack, we make it easy to restore your site from backup quickly!