Why Digital Layne?

WordPress is Our Passion

Since the beginning, we have been part of an awesome tool that has literally changed the web design business, WordPress. Our love for WordPress goes far beyond our appreciation for the work and time that its creators have put into this excellent piece of software. We have a passion for WordPress. This creates an atmosphere of excitement for WordPress that never gets old and fuels us to be the best we can be.

Superb Customer Service

Jargon-free communication is extremely important to us. It’s common when sharing ideas between the technical and the business for things to go south fast. This can paralyze a project before it even starts. We remove all the stress by narrowing your decision-making process to only those that you are comfortable with while still maintaining best industry practices. We do what we do best, so you can do what you do best!

We’re Business Owners Too

At Digital Layne, we manage a business as well as maintain numerous websites for our clients. We understand that there are many aspects to running a business and your time and money is wasted if there is no return on your investment. We specialize in creating a robust online presence that will complement your business and promote future growth.

Our Experience

We have been a fan of WordPress since its inception. We have spent countless years following the progression of WordPress and its development. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the inner workings of WordPress. We are constantly updating our skills to better serve our clients and maintain and secure websites that fit perfectly with your brand.