5 Underutilized Methods of Promoting Your Blog

There are about a gazillion articles on the web on how to promote your blog (now a gazillion and one).

Most focus on social media.

I have a few methods that are not unusual but they’re either underutilized or overlooked altogether.

The power of the infographic

These creative visual representations of data have really caught on in recent years as a way to deliver information in a unique way.

Everyone has come across an infographic in some form or fashion and we see them on every media outlet, especially Pinterest.

Infographics turn mundane and boring information into an easily digestible bit of understanding.

If you are interested in creating an infographic, there are several sites on the web such as Piktochart will assist you.

Now get the creative juices flowing!

Press release

A press release, really? Isn’t that reserved for the big boys?


A press release does more than just notify the press of your recent developments, it piques the interest of others that may want to investigate further.

Create a press release with an intriguing headline and solid facts. Be sure to get right to the point, people have short attention spans.

Promote others

When I first explored this method, I thought it seemed counterproductive. Wrong.

Remember, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?” Well, it holds true when trying to establish a following.

A good tip is to devote half of your promotion time promoting others by re-tweeting and liking posts of those you deem as “authorities.”

Commenting on the top blogs can be a great way to get your name out there but remember, keep your comments on topic and be sure to add value. If you just post something like “Great post” and add a link to your site, you are sure to be ignored.


I won’t lie, webinars take a lot of preparation and guts and they aren’t for everyone.

Some important things to consider:

  • Finding a webinar service providers
  • Promoting your webinar
  • Research and finding content
  • Finding an audience (big issue)
  • Sign up procedures
  • How to interact with your audience
  • Technical issues (audio, video)
  • Do I have an audience?

I don’t list these things to scare you away. Rather, it is to a small list of things you will have to consider if you decide to provide a webinar to promote your blog.


Everybody and their dog have a YouTube video so why do I need one? You don’t, but YouTube is not just for funny home movies and embarrassing moments.

It can be used as a highly effective promotional tool for your blog.

Use it to post presentations, share slide shows you created or interviews you have conducted with industry leaders.

YouTube also allows viewers to leave comments. Interaction with your audience is important.

Again, YouTube is not for everyone and it can be a challenge to get a professional looking video but it is well worth it if done right.