130 Internet Marketing Acronyms Every Pro Should Know

Have you ever been in a meeting or reading something on internet marketing and someone throws out a three-letter acronym without explanation?

It happens to me all the time.

That is why I set up this easy reference guide to the most common internet marketing acronyms.

Acronyms help us save time and space but for the beginner that is already bombarded with information, not knowing the explanation of some key acronyms can really hinder the learning process.

So, I hope this reference guide helps make things a bit easier. Bookmark this page or print it out so you have it in front of you at all times.

Are there acronyms that you encounter on a regular basis? Let me know in the form below.

API – Application Programming Interface
ASP – Active Server Pages
AC – Associated Content
AM – Affiliate Managers 0r Affiliate Marketing
ARR – Annual Recurring Revenue
ATF – Above the Fold

B2B – Business to Business
B2C – Business to Consumer
BH – Black Hat
BST – Buy, Sell, Trade
BTF – Below the Fold
BTW – By the Way

CAC– Customer Acquisition Cost
CAPTCHA – Completely Automated Public Turing Test (tell if you are a bot or human)
CGI – Common Gateway Interface
CJ – Commission Junction
CPA – Cost per Action
CPC – Cost per Click
CPI – Cost per Impression
CPL – Cost per Lead
CPO – Cost per Opportunity
CPM – Cost per Thousand Impressions
eCPM – Effective Cost per Mille (thousand)
CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization
CTA – Call to Action
CTC – Click to Conversion
CTR – Click Through Rate
CR – Conversion Ratio
CRM – Customer Relations Manager
CSS – Cascade Style Sheet
CMS – Content Management System

DNS – Domain Name System and Do Not Share
DMOZ – Directory Mozilla
DM – Direct Message
DMR – Double Meta Refresh

EMD – Exact Match Domain
EPC – Earnings per Click
EPM – Earnings per Thousand
ESP – Email Service Provider

FB – Facebook
FTP – File Transfer Protocol
FYI – For Your Information

GUI – Graphical User Interface
GH – Grey Hat
GPT – Get Paid To

HTML – Hypertext Markup Language
HTTP – Hyper Text transfer Protocol
HTTPS – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure

IBL – Inbound Link
IM – Internet Marketing and Instant Messaging
INHO – In My Humble Opinion

JS – Java Script
JV – Joint Venture

KEI – Keyword Effectiveness Index
KML – Keyhole Markup Language
KPI – Key Performance Indicators
KW – Keyword

LLC – Limited Liability Corporation
LSI – latent Semantic Indexing
LOL – Laughing Out Loud
LTV – Lifetime Value

MFA – Made For AdSense
MMO – Make Money Online
MRR – Master Resale Rights or Monthly Recurring Revenue
MNF – Micro Niche Finder
MQL – Marketing Qualified Leads
MS – Market Samurai

NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement

OBL – Outbound Links
OS – Operating System
OTO – One Time Offer
OP – Opening Post

PHP – Hypertext Preprocessor
PLR – Private Label Rights
PM – Private Message
PP – PayPal
PPC – Pay per Click
PPI – Pay per Impression or Pay Per Install
PPL – Pay per Lead
PPM – Pay per Mille (thousand)
PPS – Pay per Sale
PPA – Pay per Action
PPV – Pay Per View
PR – Page Rank
PV – Page Views
PVA – Phone Verified Account

RFP – Request for Proposal
ROI – Return on Investment
RSS – Really Simple Syndication
RPC – Revenue per Click
RR – Resale Rights
RTD – Real Time Data

SaaS – Software as a Service
SAS – Share a Sale
SE – Search Engine
SEM – Search Engine Marketing
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
SEP – Search Engine Position
SERP – Search Engine Results Page
SQL – Structured Query Language
SM – Social Media
SMM – Social Media Marketing
SMO – Social Media Optimization
SMP – Social Media Platform
SMS – Short Message Service
SWF – Shockwave Flash File
SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

TBS – The Best Spinner
TCO – Total Cost of Ownership
TLD – Top Level Domain
TOS – Terms of Service

UAW – Unique Article Wizard

UI – User Interface
URL – Universal Resource Locator (Language)
UGC – User Generated Content
UV – Unique Visitor
UX – User Experience

VAR – Value Added Reseller
VCC – Virtual Credit Card
VOD – Video on Demand
VPN – Virtual Private Network

W3C – World Wide Web Consortium
WP – WordPress
WTB – Want to Buy
WTS – Want to Sell
WWW – World Wide Web
WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get
WH – White Hat

YTD – Year to Date

XML – Extensible Markup Language