Curieux Rover Aluminum Pan and Tilt Kit Installed (Video)

Aluminum Pan and Tilt Kit

Angelelec DIY Open Source Tilt/Pan Kit (5KG),Assembly for Horizontal Surface Mount Using two Servo Brackets. Perfect for Your Small Remote Piloted Robot Includes Hardware and two Ball Bearing Servos

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These brackets can use most standard size Hitec analog or digital servos. So, beware if you are going to be using Futaba servos, there can be a bit of shimming that you may need to do to get this to line up correctly.

Further, here is a list of servos that is known to fit: HS-3xx, 4xx, 5xx, 6xx, 54xx, 56xx, and 59xx servos.

Servos from other manufacturers are not guaranteed to work but they are close enough that you can make them work.

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